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2024- 2025 Storage Form 

Please follow these steps in order to submit your 2024-2025 storage agreement forms.

Choose "2024-25 Storage Agreement Form Sign Online" to complete from your computer or mobile device.


Select PDF to download form.
Print document and fill out all designated fields.
Physically fill out and sign document.
Scan and email document to
or mail in to 124 Laurel Ave Port Clinton, Ohio 43452


Sign your contract for Summer 2024 Docking!

Choose "2023 Season Docking" to complete the contract from your computer or mobile device.



This is the first boat storage facility that we have used that has radiant heated floors instead of the dusty heat blowers mounted to the ceilings. 

What a big difference. When we went to pick up our boat this spring it was still clean and didn’t have the usual dust buildup. 

One less thing to do before launching the boat for the season! Thanks for making my life a little easier.

– Theresa and Bill

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